Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology
The University of Victoria, BC (UVIC)
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
University of British Columbia (UBC)

My Approach

My primary approaches are EMDR
(Eye Movement Desensitization and
and CBT (Cognitive Behavioural
EMDR is a modality that helps people
heal from the impact of trauma on present day
functioning. CBT is an approach that targets how
automatic thoughts and beliefs influence how
people interpret their experiences resulting in
patterns of behaviour that are either helpful or
unhelpful. Both of these approaches are
evidence-based because research studies have
found them to be effective with a variety of
concerns including trauma and anxiety.

Mission Statement

Kite counselling is about learning to rise to the inevitable challenges of daily life by connecting with your strengths and gaining clarity about what is important to you. My aim is to support you to heal and increase your capacity to remain grounded during the ups and downs.

I look forward to connecting with you.

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